Standing: Joe, Darren, Robin, Jim, Richard, Don, David, David, JD, Davida, Barry, Jerry
Sitting: Jason, Jane, Martyn, Maryann, Frances, Kimberly
Not shown: Ted (Jerry and Jane's son) and Joel (LILJOL) who was part of the team for the whole tournament!

Notes: Jim and Jane are holding the trophy and plaque.
David (LINK) (in the center at the very back) was visiting from Big Sky during the tournament.
Sadly, Maryann has moved to the Washington DC area, Ted has moved to Kalamazoo MI, Kimberly works Tuesdays, and Jerry and Jane have moved to Vista (near San Diego).

The faces of the people who are or were part of the
National West Covina Showdown team (1997 and 1998).

These are some of the faces of the people who work at the National Sports Grill in West Covina. We don't have pictures of everyone but they've all been good to us!

The 2001 Summer Showdown Tournament Winners

L to R: Jason, Frances, Joey, Barry, Jim, Don, Robin, Dave, Maribeth, Steve, Julie, Richard

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