A small tribute to some of the best NTN trivia players who are no longer with us.
Keith DonnellyKeith Donnelly 1957 - 2000
MR DATA of the Las Vegas trivia team
John CarterJohn Carter 1940-2000
GONZO of the New Smyrna Florida area.
Barry AntonBarry Anton 1937-2005
BEAR and MEDVED of the Sliders, NWC, and Chaparral teams.
Glenn DiamondGlenn Diamond 1955-2007
ZIRCON of the Palm Springs area.
Terry BubbsTerry Bubbs 1948-2008
ELMO of Winnipeg, Manitoba.
George Morgan 1933-2008
NAGROM of Toronto, Ontario.
John GlossopJohn Glossop 1942-2008
of Toronto, Ontario.
Frank ShawFrank Shaw 1936-2009
of Ossett, Ontario.
Bill DalyBill Daly 1943-2010
of Sherborn, Massachusetts.
John O'HaraJohn O'Hara 1935-2011
of Chino Hills, California.
Ted AndersonTed Anderson 1952-2011
of Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Tim RichardsonTim Richardson 1953-2012
of Houston, Texas.
Bob BlakeBob Blake 1944-2015
of Tampa, Florida.
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