San Diego County, CA – revised as of January 2006

San Diego County, CA

(revised March 2006)


National chains:


TGIFriday’s (San Diego/Carmel Mountain Ranch; San Diego/La Jolla; San Diego/Mission Valley; San Diego County/Rancho San Diego; Carlsbad).  There is also a TGIFriday’s in the downtown tourist trap area known as The Gaslamp, but it only had NTN briefly after its opening before it discontinued (not visited).


Indigo Joe’s (Encinitas).  Installed summer 2002. Encinitas is between La Jolla and Carlsbad, closer to Carlsbad.  Indigo Joe's is somewhat down the street from NTN (Encinitas Blvd. at El Camino Real).  Upscale sports bar/restaurant; varied and generally affordable menu; ten semi-accessible Playmakers.  General policy of Indigo Joe’s is not to have NTN on any of the bar monitors, so players at the bar must play off the surrounding monitors.   Other Indigo Joe’s  are scattered around the country, including Scottsdale, AZ; another is “Coming Soon” for Henderson, NV.



Local/regional chains:


Hennessey's Tavern (Carlsbad).  Only one of this chain stretching from Pacific Beach to Huntington Beach with NTN.  Popular Irish themed bar; varied and generally affordable menu; ten non-accessible Playmakers, though staff sometimes puts some out on the bar.


Lamppost Pizza (Vista).  In new shopping center, not far from the California 78 freeway.  Varied and generally affordable menu; fifteen accessible Playmakers.  Sister store of Lamppost Pizzas in Corona and La Quinta; these three are the only ones in the chain with NTN, which includes a number of other stores throughout Southern California.  Another Lamppost in Torrance also once had NTN.


Spoon's/Oceanside - One of the few in this California chain that has kept NTN.  Popular "California cuisine" restaurant and bar in shopping center north of California 78 freeway.  Varied and generally affordable menu; ten non-accessible Playmakers.



City of San Diego

(alphabetically by district):


Players Sports Grill/Clairemont Mesa - This site re-subscribed as of July 2003 after having discontinued. Varied and generally affordable menu; ten non-accessible Playmakers, ID deposit required for each.


The Bull Pen/Clairemont Mesa - Installed late 2004, not far down Clairemont Mesa Blvd. from Players and also not far from the California 163 freeway.  Mid-sized sports bar; varied and generally affordable menu; ten non-accessible Playmakers, only eight working at time of visit.


Flicks/Hillcrest – Installed December 2005.  Not visited as of the time of preparation; scheduled for visit during first quarter 2006.


Pacific Beach Bar & Grill - Only site remaining of what were once five within a few blocks in one of the most popular gathering areas for college age and a bit older. Extensive and generally affordable menu, including extensive happy hour specials; thirty-five non-accessible Playmakers; ID deposit required for each.


Filling Station Pub/Mira Mesa - Installed May 2005, just off I-15 and just north of Miramar Marine Corps Air Station, in corner shopping center at Black Mountain Rd.  First installation in this area since the late 90's. Cozy bar/restaurant, limited and very affordable menu.  Ten non-accessible Playmakers, ID deposit required.  This site was also the subject of an article in 2005 in the weekly San Diego Reader in the Tin Fork section, which regularly reviews places with menus in the very affordable/generally affordable price range.


San Diego County

(alphabetically by city or census designated place name):


Danky's/Carlsbad - Closest existing site to NTN headquarters; originally opened as C.J. De Longs.  Upscale sports bar; varied and somewhat pricey menu; fifteen accessible Playmakers.


Pounders Sports Bar/Escondido - Installed fall 2002.  Small bar on major east-west downtown artery. Parking zoned for a couple of blocks around, only served snacks at time of review.  Ten non-accessible Playmakers.


Imperial Beach Forum - Cozy restaurant and bar; advertises self as "...the most southwesterly bar in the U.S."  Varied and generally affordable menu, with affordable daily specials.  Twenty total Playmakers; ten accessible, ten non-accessible.


Trophy Lounge/National City - Popular dance club in city with less than desirable reputation.  No menu; ten non-accessible Playmakers.  Not to be confused with the local Trophy’s sports bars, none of which have NTN.


Rookie's/Oceanside - Popular sports bar, not far from Spoons and also up the street a ways from NTN (El Camino Real). Varied and generally affordable menu; twenty accessible Playmakers.  Site of the 2002 QB1 Players Bash.


Game Time Tavern/Poway – Very popular and long established restaurant/bar in this suburb located off Interstate 15.  Formerly known as Kaminski Park and Dad’s Café.  Varied and generally affordable menu; fifteen accessible Playmakers.


Boulevard Bar and Grill/San Marcos - Installed May 2005, on San Marcos Blvd., just off California 78, not far from the San Marcos Restaurant Row.  First installation in this area since the late 90's.  Small restaurant/bar, varied and somewhat pricey menu; ten non-accessible Playmakers.  San Marcos Blvd. is the same long street as Palomar Airport Road, on which TGIFriday's Carlsbad is located far off to the west, just off I-5.  NTN Buzztime Inc. also once had their address as Palomar Airport Road; their current location is not far from the intersection of Palomar Airport Road and El Camino Real.


Jumping Turtle Bar & Grill/San Marcos – Installed fourth quarter 2005; not far from Boulevard B & G, just off the California 78 freeway at Rancho Santa Fe Rd.  Cozy and well established bar and restaurant; varied and very affordable menu; fifteen non-accessible Playmakers.  Visited February 2006.



Discontinued and/or non-existent sites:


National chains:


Baker's Square; San Diego/Sports Arena.


Black Angus/Cattle Company (San Diego/Friar's Road, San Diego/Kearney Mesa, San Diego/Mira Mesa, San Diego/Sports Arena, Chula Vista, El Cajon, and Oceanside).


Chili’s-San Diego/Sorrento Valley.


Carlos Murphy’s (San Diego/Hazard Center, San Diego/University Towne Center, Carlsbad/Plaza Camino Real, La Mesa).


Pizzeria Uno's; San Diego/Pacific Beach.



Local/regional chains:


Jolt'N Joe's (Escondido and La Mesa; once known as Billiard Gallery).


Moondoggie's (San Diego/La Jolla and San Diego/Pacific Beach).


Oggi’s Pizza (Carmel Mountain Ranch).



Military sites:


Area 51/Miramar Marine Corps Air Station - Formerly known as Gremlins and Miramar Naval Air Station.  This site had the further distinction of being the very first NTN installation.


Club Metro/Navy Base San Diego (32nd Street).


Planet X/Q Zone; enlisted/liberty club, Navy Base Coronado, also known as Naval Amphibious Base,  Coronado.  Naval Amphibious Base and North Island Naval Air Station are now officially designated as Navy Base Coronado.


Other San Diego and San Diego County

(alphabetically by city or census designated place name):


Casino Inn-Alpine; Rockin’ Baja Lobster-Bonita; Best Western/Pea Soup Andersen’s-Carlsbad [1]; Danny’s Palm Bar-Coronado; J.J. Maguire’s-Del Mar; Pala Mesa Resort-Fallbrook; The Strand-Oceanside; Kaminski Park/Dad’s Café-Poway [2]; Buffalo Joe’s-San Diego Gaslamp; Sports City Cafe-San Diego/La Jolla; Tomcat-San Diego/Mira Mesa; Plum Crazy Saloon-San Diego/Pacific Beach; Daily Planet/Tavern At The Beach-San Diego/Pacific Beach.


[1] This site is now a Holiday Inn and TGIFriday’s-Carlsbad.  Because the TGIFriday’s was built in a different part of the facility than the Andersen’s bar, it is counted separately.


[2] This site is now Game Time Tavern.  It is counted separately from Kaminski Park/Dad’s Café due to both an ownership change and significant renovations since the ownership change.