Glenn Diamond (1955-2007)

In early August 2007, Glenn Diamond was admitted to Eisenhower Medical Center in Palm Springs, 
California.  From the start, the prognosis was not good; according to the nurses, his major 
organs had shut down.  Still, Glenn's many friends couldn't help but to hope for a recovery.
Unfortunately, the recovery never came; Glenn passed away in early September 2007.

Glenn was well known and respected within the NTN trivia community.  From what I could tell, he
was the captain and the glue that kept the Palm Springs TGIF team so competitive (especially in
Passport).  Since Glenn's passing, the team seems to have gone their separate ways.

Glenn enjoyed archeology and had a special interest in Egyptian artifacts.  He was only 51 years old
at the time of his death.

From Joel Suzuki, LILJOL:
I first met Glenn at the one and only Phoenix Bash in 2000 at what was once Famous Sam's 31 on East Greenway. Glenn was then 
an unknown to many of us, but he quickly became both known and a favorite to many of us. If it weren't for meeting him, I probably 
never would have bothered visiting the Palm Springs area as many times as I did. 

Glenn was a great host at both Bananaz and TGIFriday's Palm Desert. He also invited me to visit his home, where I found that he 
was also a great gourmet cook. My understanding is that his primary occupation was a computer technician, however the last time I 
visited, he mentioned that business had slacked off significantly.

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