On Saturday, March 1, 2008, a group of Southern California NTN players gathered at Mr B's in Los Alamitos to compete with a much larger group playing at Buffalo Wild Wings in Bridgeport, West Virginia.
The Mr B's event was organized by Darrell, GAMBIT.
Those in attendance included:
Dave, MR ALE; Scott, RHYNO; Brian, BRIAN; Joel, LILJOL; Darrell, GAMBIT; Bobby, GOGETM; Ken, DUPES; Casandra, BUHBUH; Lee, GRISOM; Richard, GANGA; Greta, GUTZ; Dave, SINSTR; Joe, JRBILL; and Don, CUTTER.

Dave, SINSTR, and Joe, JRBILL showed up later. Pictures of those two and Don are already included on this site. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of Dave, MR ALE. Here are pictures of the others:

The front of Mr B's in Los Alamitos, California
Scott, Brian (behind), Joel, and Darrell
Bobby, Ken, Casandra, and Scott
Lee, Richard, Greta, and Bobby

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