July 25, 2009 at Danny K's in Orange

Pictures from the Anti-bash at Danny K's Restaurant in Orange on Saturday, July 25, 2009.
The pictures shown here are, for the most part, of those players not already included as part of the February 7, 2009 event.

Those in attendance included:
Joel, LILJOL; Lee, GRISOM; Al, BIG AL; Dave, BYOTCH; Scott, RHYNO; Casandra, BUHBUH; Bobby, GOGETM; Dave, MR ALE; Beth, BUNNY; Kazi, JADE; Bobby, LEWSER; Julia, ZOLTAN; Serenity, SERNTY; Chuck, CLA; Danny, DUUDE; Dave, SINSTR; Darrell, GAMBIT; Joe, JRBILL; Michel, AJAX; John, JOHN; Jim, CREACH; and Don, CUTTER.

Serenity and Chuck, SERNTY and CLA

Michel, AJAX

Joel, LILJOL, holding T-shirt from TIEFLY


Dave and Beth, MR ALE and BUNNY

Dave, MR ALE



Julia and Bobby, ? and LEWSER

Danny K's with Dave (SINSTR) and Kazi (JADE)

Danny K's, Orange, California

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