On Wednesday, December 13, 2006, a group of NTN players from across Southern California met Peter Kloess (PLEODU) to play some NTN including the Passport game that night. Peter normally plays NTN at Beale Street Pub in San Francisco but he is currently working in Pasadena.

In addition to Peter, we were honored to have James (VISHNU) from Michigan, the preeminent Spotlight player, join us.
Those in attendance included:

Peter, PLEODU; James, VISHNU; Darrell, GAMBIT; Richard, GANGA; Bob, BB; Bobby, GOGETM; Dave, SINSTR; Coni, MS HUF; Joe, JRBILL; Danny, DUUDE; Bob, RADIO; Tom, ULOWL; and Don, CUTTER.

Here are a few pictures taken that evening (courtesy Bob Wien, RADIO):

Peter Kloess, PLEODU

Peter and James, VISHNU

Dave, SINSTR; and Richard, GANGA

James, VISHNU; and Bobby, GOGETM

Coni, MS HUF; Danny, DUUDE; and Bob, BB

Bob, RADIO; and Dave, SINSTR

Don, CUTTER; Darrell, GAMBIT; and Peter

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